Gjesteforelesning: ”Bibel og migrasjon”

Den tyske professoren Christoph Stenschke holder forelesning på NLA Høgskolen, avdeling Sandviken torsdag 19. mai.


Forelesningen med tittelen God and his people on the move: insights and challenges from the Bible for the current migration crisis holdes i auditorium 2 kl.13.00 og er åpen for alle.

Gjesteforelesningen beskrives slik:

"This lecture starts with a brief summary of the situation of migration in Europe 2015 and 2016. It then surveys to what an extent migration, be it voluntary or enforced, is a theme in the Bible. From the Patriarchs, over to Israel’s stay in Egypt and sojourn through the wilderness, its exile and return to their land, God’s people were on the move in significant eras of their history. The picture does not change in the New Testament, where the disciples follow a wandering Messiah who had nowhere to lay his head and are called to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth – as refugees! The paper then briefly sketches how the themes of migration and pilgrimage have been influential for Christian spirituality. At the end there is a discussion of how the biblical pictures challenges churches in their understanding of what it means to be a church on the move and how Christians should address the current situation in Northern Europe."


Av Marie Furhovden - Publisert 11.05.2016. Oppdatert 11.05.2016

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